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[23 Jan 2006|02:44pm]

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Design Work for SGA

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know, there is an open position for the SGA in publicity. I'm currently in the other spot and it's a pretty sweet deal, all you have to do is flyers for concerts, programs, etc. and show up at meetings every Tuesday at 5 p.m. There is a meeting tomorrow in the Tennessee Room of the Curris Center where you will be able to apply for the position. It pays 75 bucks a month, and you get paid at the end of the month, but it's an extremely flexible schedule. If any of you are interested, just show up tomorrow.

~Margie :)

Design Group and Pizza?

Hey all,

Ok, so it looks like Wednesday at 7 is our golden hour. I'll announce this to both design classes tomorrow, and put up some flyers either this week or next. This week we'll just discuss the Recycling Committee project and eat pizza from Matt B's. Unless anyone has a serious aversion to it, I think we're just doing plain ol' cheese. Gathering from attendance averages last semester, I'm thinking one will be enough. We'll see how many people jump on the opportunity to come to the meeting when I announce it tomorow in classes. OK, any questions or comments, let me know, and I'll see you guys later!

~Margie :)

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Sociology Club t-shirts job [18 Oct 2005|11:15pm]

Hi, this is Erin Mosser from the Sociology Club. Hey sorry it took so long, but I had to make sure everyone wanted to do it, then I had to see about the costs and stuff like that. And well my advisor is really slow on decisions and stuff.

We need the Tshirt Design to be black and white, it will go on a blue shirt.

The concept we are going for is:

Sociology is the study of people interacting with society. As my advisor said we can study anything as long as it involves people.

Also, just go with whatever you think looks good, and we can go from there.

I think we are going with fayes and they said to save the file on a vector? file, if that doesn't sound familiar, let me know and i will find out. It will cost about 2-350 depending on how many people want a tshirt...so 20% of that price range is what we will pay you.

Thank you so much...you guys rock!

Erin Mosser
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[18 Oct 2005|11:01pm]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls....

Here's how the Oct. 17 meeting went:

1) Kristen Rankin came to talk to use about the Recycling Club. They are broke just like we are but would still like us to help with a campaign to get MSU people to recycle more. There's an event coming up called America Recycles Day on November 15 and she'd like us to have something prepared for that day. So the assignment for next Monday (yes, that's NEXT Monday the 24th) is to think of some kind of free or practically free project/design/game something to get people involved and interested in recycling. Some things we talked about were pinatas made of garbage and dunking F. King into a dumpster (like the fraternity people when they have to pay a dollar to throw a ball at the target, ending in some sorority girl getting dunked.. you know?). So please think of something better, because the F. King thing is probably a no-go.

ANYWAY, on to 2) As i mentioned above, we have no money! But the Pres. and i went to a meeting last monday night about a new program which will offer grants to student organizations who are "engaged in civil service" (aka helping the community). There's the possibility that we could "win" $500 to spend almost however we want, but we have to write an awesome proposal about how this money can help us by the beginning of November. If anyone is an awesome writer share your talent! Get us some cash-money! If you would like to help, respond to this e-mail and we'll give you more info. YAY MONEY!

3) Jim informed us of a fun field trip to go on in the near future. Graphic Designer April Greiman ( http://www.madeinspace.la/ ) will be giving a lecture on Friday Nov. 4 @ 7pm. We'd have to take a trip to SIU Carbondale though, which is about 2 hours away. So if you could be a DD, let us know, then we'll see how many people would like to go and start making the arrangements.

That's about it. Just remember that if you have any questions or information you'd like the rest of the group to know you can send it to this e-mail or post it on the Live Journal account. Alright then, stay cool.

the Secretary
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Sigma Chi Job [14 Oct 2005|05:35pm]

Here's all the information they gave me and ideas they had.

Sigma Chi's Annual Haunted House
Date: Oct. 28th 8pm-1am
Oct. 29th 7pm-12am
Location: 103 N. 14th St. (Sigma Chi House)
Prices: In Advance:
MSU Student- $3.00
Regular- $5.00
At Door:
MSU Student- $5.00
Regular- $7.00
**Tickets will be sold @ the Curris Center and BB&T Bank**

*They had the theme of a prison last year but the only type of theme they have this
year is like a mixture of fears. They had the idea of using the Fear Factor logo but
changing the "e" in Fear to the Greek letter "Sigma" and changing the "c" in Factor to
the Greek letter "Chi". We don't have to use it but it was something they all liked.

*******If someone else could pick up this job, that would be excellent!!! If not, its ok b/c I
know it is short notice since they want it up by Monday the 17th.*********

If you have any questions you can e mail me back or call me @ 618-406-3035.

Jackie Hope
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[13 Oct 2005|10:37pm]

Hello Design Group,

There was no meeting last week because we didn't think there was a whole lot to discuss yet, but Jackie had a job for us! OOPS! The particulars will be posted on our livejournal at www.livejournal.com/community/msu_designgroup

If any of you can help with that job, then e-mail back. If not, don't sweat it. Jackie would just like to have it critiqued before she sends it out, so if you could at least look at what she's done, that'd be swell.

In other news, we have a big job to tackle for Monday! I went to the recycling club meeting this morning, and we have an interesting opportunity. More will be discussed this coming meeting, and Kristin Rankin will attend our meeting to discuss their needs. Be sure to be there, this will be an important day! Until then, try to think of simple ways to make an impactful message about recycling on campus.

Also to be discussed at the next meeting: making a proposal to the University for grant money. We need to discuss this at length so that we can make it happen soon.

So, all in all, be there Monday! See you there @ 5.

~President Margie :)
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[13 Oct 2005|10:19pm]

Hey Everyone,

Firstly, the decision has been made that Design Group will no longer meet every week. Mostly because there's nothing much to talk about at this point, but also because people seem to be forgetting or have something conflicting with the meeting time. So from now on, we'll meet during the weeks that OMAS is NOT meeting, since our times were overlapping anyway. I hope this works for everyone and we appologize to anyone who showed up for the un-meeting today. If business happens to pick up, we might change the meetings back to every week, but that's a big "if". So OMAS reps, make sure you let them know at the next meeting that we're making these changes. Thanks guys.

Secondly, we need someone who's available at 9 am on this Thursday (Oct. 13) to go to the meeting of the Recycling group. Margie can't remember where it's at, but if someone can do it let her know and she will find out!

Margie, specific question/reminder for you: When are we going to send follow-up e-mails to the on campus organizations? I guess we need an e-mail list first and foremost. So you get that Mrs. SGA lady.

Everyone have a fun Fall Break and we'll see you next Monday!

The Secretary
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[13 Oct 2005|10:19pm]

Here is the information our OMAS Reps. gathered for us last week:

This is just a posting of what is going on in OMAS so DG people can ATTEND
our meetings and still keep up with things on the other side of the tracks.

1) Dues are, as usual, $10 for membership to be paid before the OMAS
Halloween Party. The money is to be given to the Treasurer who is as of
the last meeting undecided, so not much help there. Just try and pass it
off to Erin Jones, she's honest and was the last Treasurer, so she will
probably get it taken care of even though it is no longer her job.
P.S. If you want to be Treasurer or want to nominate someone, I'm sure
they would appreciate it, greatly.

2) Recycling day: Maggie Sasso is having her first recycling event on this
coming Sat. Bring your aluminum, plastic, cardboard, and mixed paper to
the Wood Room, 103 in the Fine Arts building, to be recycled and SAVE THE
PLANET (dramatized just for fun). (sorry guys, this part is out of date. my bad.)

3) Oct 17th is dubbed "Arts n' Crafts" meeting. To raise money, OMAS is
selling painted and carved pumpkins for Halloween. It is during this
meeting that members will gather-round to create these works of consumer
art instead of having a regular meeting. I think we should discuss about
having a short meeting that day and then joining them, because who
doesn't like to carve pumpkins!?!

4) The Halloween Party is to be a on Sat. October 22nd as oppose to the
28th because of the Chicago Trip (if you don't know what this trip is, it
doesn't matter sign-ups are over).

5) On Homecoming they are planning on selling stickers...that's it...no
really, that's all they said.

6) Drawing Sessions: Life drawing will be held on Wednesdays 7-10 on a
donation basis, meaning to pay for the models they need the people
participating to give cash and they're hoping you'll be generous.
Curling(?) drawing will be Tuesday and Thursday 6-8. If you have questions
ask Stasya Berber, she's the only one who really knows what the hell is
going on and what curling drawing is.

7) Round Table Discussions: Once a month on a Thursday there will be
discussions on various art topics. More details will be decided by next
meeting, hopefully including which Thursdays. ZB will be officiating
(come at your own risk).

8) OMAS is looking to adopt a highway which they need people willing to
dress in those fashionable orange vests and pick up trash.
We should adopt something. Let's adopt a DG puppy!!
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[13 Oct 2005|10:17pm]

Hey Everybody,

This e-mail will be pretty short and sweet. We didn't really discuss much at last Monday's meeting because NO ONE WAS THERE. Thanks to the few of you who did show up though, you rock.

We briefly discussed the new "gold star system" and it's already in effect. We gave stars to people who worked on logo designs and flyers for quad day and will continue to give them out once we get some jobs for you all to work on.

Speaking of jobs, we have our first one! It's going to be for t-shirts for the Society of Sociologists, but we haven't heard back from them so.. we'll assign people to work on that as soon as we have the information. Be thinking about whether the SOS project is something you'd like to do.

So, for Monday all we ask is that people try to come up with ways we can get MORE JOBS! We decided that a price list was too complicated so we're just gonna work one-on-one with people. And president Margie thinks it would be a good idea to follow up on quad day with an e-mail to all the on campus organizations.

That is all... PLEASE everyone come to the meeting on Monday unless you really really REALLY can't for some reason. Esp. you vice president Eberts!
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[21 Sep 2005|04:41pm]

Hello Design Group!

OK, this is the official Design Group e-mail! This is where people will contact the group and where all meeting/update e-mails will be sent from in the future. We also have a livejournal account thanks to Joanna, one of your lovely OMAS Reps. The livejournal exists as a backup to all information e-mailed to the group. When we start getting jobs all of them will be posted on the livejournal in full detail so you will all have access to everything you need to know. The account address is http://www.livejournal.com/community/msu_designgroup/ . Only the officers will be able to post entries, but everyone can reply regardless if you have a livejournal or not.

To recap the last meeting (#3):

We decided on a logo for the group, which was then tweaked to the groups liking and put on all the flyers.
To the people who turned in fliers: good job, you get a gold star. I copied them and handed them out today, and the reception was fairly good. We'll see what kind of jobs this turns up.

Next time, in Design Group...

We will discuss and begin implementing the "Gold Star" system. You may be familiar with it from the days of yore when you were a wee kindergartener. Well, it's back.
We'll finalize our price list.
We will discuss any jobs that have come our way between now and then. If we don' t have any business by Monday, then we will discuss how to get even more organized as a group and more recognition.
We may discuss that last bit even if we do have jobs to discuss.

Alright, Monday @ 5. See you there!

~Margie :)
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Hello Design Group! [18 Sep 2005|11:12pm]

Welcome to the official MSU Design Group livejournal!

Every week after the meetings you should receive an e-mail that summarizes everything the previous meeting covered and everything you will need to know about the next one. If for some reason you do not receive an e-mail you can visit our trusty livejournal for the exact same update. If you have a livejournal account already, add yourself as a member to this group and it will put msu_designgroup updates on your friends page. Any other information that can't wait to be discussed during the meetings will be posted here and e-mailed to each of you as well. Once we start getting jobs they will be posted here in full detail. All of you can comment to anything that's posted on this livejournal, but only the officers can make posts.

We have a brand new email that belongs just to Design Group and not any individual officer. This will be our official contact information from now on: msu.designgroup@gmail.com

See you on Monday at 5!

el Presidente,
Margie :)
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