Margie (princessfurball) wrote in msu_designgroup,

Sociology Club t-shirts job

Hi, this is Erin Mosser from the Sociology Club. Hey sorry it took so long, but I had to make sure everyone wanted to do it, then I had to see about the costs and stuff like that. And well my advisor is really slow on decisions and stuff.

We need the Tshirt Design to be black and white, it will go on a blue shirt.

The concept we are going for is:

Sociology is the study of people interacting with society. As my advisor said we can study anything as long as it involves people.

Also, just go with whatever you think looks good, and we can go from there.

I think we are going with fayes and they said to save the file on a vector? file, if that doesn't sound familiar, let me know and i will find out. It will cost about 2-350 depending on how many people want a 20% of that price range is what we will pay you.

Thank you so guys rock!

Erin Mosser
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