Margie (princessfurball) wrote in msu_designgroup,

Sigma Chi Job

Here's all the information they gave me and ideas they had.

Sigma Chi's Annual Haunted House
Date: Oct. 28th 8pm-1am
Oct. 29th 7pm-12am
Location: 103 N. 14th St. (Sigma Chi House)
Prices: In Advance:
MSU Student- $3.00
Regular- $5.00
At Door:
MSU Student- $5.00
Regular- $7.00
**Tickets will be sold @ the Curris Center and BB&T Bank**

*They had the theme of a prison last year but the only type of theme they have this
year is like a mixture of fears. They had the idea of using the Fear Factor logo but
changing the "e" in Fear to the Greek letter "Sigma" and changing the "c" in Factor to
the Greek letter "Chi". We don't have to use it but it was something they all liked.

*******If someone else could pick up this job, that would be excellent!!! If not, its ok b/c I
know it is short notice since they want it up by Monday the 17th.*********

If you have any questions you can e mail me back or call me @ 618-406-3035.

Jackie Hope
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